acoustic excitement ! 

About Me

I have  been dazzling audiences with my "solo" project for 0ver 10 years.

I first started playing guitar by "accident" when I snuck into my brothers room

and quietly tinkering around with his old Hagstrom 6 string.

But I knew I was busted when I broke a string. He then made me buy another string

(I had to wash dishes for a week to come up with the 75 cent string!)

So I installed the string and kept right on playing and never looked back.

I was in my first band at age 14. Suede was the power trio's name playing VFWs

and school dances. By the time I was 18 we took our next band  into the studio and competed

in a local radio station's "Homegrown" program featuring local bands doing original music.

Although the band EDEUS (Suede spelled backwards) didn't walk away a winner, it set the

stage for my future endeavors. By the time I was 20, I was touring the Midwest playing hotel chains. Although it was very short lived I had networked connections that led to my appreciation of the electronic era of the 80's. The Results toured the coal regions of Pennsylvania.

At that time I had started putting together a project recording studio together and continued to write for my own enjoyment was even getting airplay by local college radio stations.

From the mid 80's I pretty much hung up the guitar for the day job but still offered recording services.

In 2002 I was getting itchy to play again and noticed that many bars and restaurants were hiring solo musicians to entertain their patrons and I always wanted to do a solo project!

SO I put a set list of songs together that would appeal to all audiences.

Classic Rock, oldies, todays pop and country. I use a looper to added rhythm guitar so I can solo as well as a harmonizer to fill the sound out.  I recently added a drum machine to give the sound some groove!

 After 2 years of touring the east coast , I proudly call the Tampa Bay area home.

bill floyd